Recent Photos From Around The Club
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Frozen solid. If you shot this weekend you know the feeling.

Mike C. and John W. taking advantage of the club being open Monday 1-15-18 for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

At least when they are frozen like this they are easier to pick up.


John T., Mike, Pete and mystery man showing what they have on a very cold day.

Modern art courtesy of Mother Nature and the intrepid shooters at NJCTC

Tom F. and Miles M.
"Cold is not a factor, it's a state of mind"


The "Fab Five" shooting in the fall
(Tom W, Tom F, Karen F, Stu and Miles)
Photo courtesy of Marsha W.

Jay trying out his brand new Blaser F3

It shoots as good as it looks
and it looks GOOD!

The clubhouse looks deserted on a 10° afternoon however
there is a fire in the wood burning stove and
it's warm as toast inside.

It's even colder than it looks.
Tomorrow is another day.

Not even yours truly is out shooting on a 10° day.

Sunday December 10, 2017
28 degrees, overcast with snow flurries - PERFECT TRAP WEATHER!

Snow? No problem!

Bob - Miles - Jim - Jay


On The Line
Jim - Bob - Miles

Jay taking a shot

Miles doing what good members do - pitching in where and when help is needed!

Thursday November 30, 2017
A beautiful afternoon to be shooting with the one you love!

Tom & Karen

Anibal & Alicia

Richard & Claudia

Duncan & Patti

Miscellaneous photos from around the club

Duncan - Chris - Terry - Jim
Taken at the Northern Zone Shoot

(Before you mock their lucky shirts, they ALL won prizes!)

Night Doubles
Look closely, he's broken the first one already

Field 3 on a beautiful spring afternoon

Mike - Ryan

Pullers do a LOT of work around the club.
Be sure to leave a tip for them
in the tip jar on the counter in the office.

Some squads compete in style bringing a bit of home with them.
Canopy provides shade, folding tables for set up, portable grill for home cooked meals, private gun rack, ice chests for food and drinks, a place to hang your vest between rounds and last but certainly not least, comfortable chairs and loungers!

Steve Carfaro and Terry Shaffer getting their 100 Straight patches from Joe Sisanno

Pedro keeping score
during registered shooting.


Trap shooters come in all sizes and ages.
This young man broke 100-Straight on his 10th birthday!

Jeff smokes another one

"How could he miss that one?"

Duncan - Vic - Levy - Jim

Bruce and John behind the ranger manager's desk

Socializing is a big part of trap shooting.
You quickly make friends in the sport!

Looks like a full squad.

That's another one!

Rainbow over Field 1 - Good luck Billy!

Some license plates seen in the parking lot.

Hanging out in the clubhouse after a couple of rounds.

Marlene and Vinnie winning together!

Sending another load of lead to the target.
Ed rarely misses!

Marlene and Ann in the clubhouse

A peek inside the trap house.

A sunny Saturday morning at the club

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